Portfolio Governance  

A portfolio governance structure of committees helps ensure projects are appropriately reviewed, discussed, prioritized and approved. All committees are responsible for selecting projects that improve service, increase efficiencies and align with university-wide strategic initiatives.   


The components of the portfolio governance structure include:  

  • Steering Team – champions of the governance process who provide strategic direction and high-level oversight.   
  • Advisory Committees – provides input on project proposals, makes recommendations and oversees ongoing initiatives in the following areas:  
    • Budget  
    • Data  
    • Human Resources  
    • Information Technology  
    • Marketing & Communications  
    • Procurement 
    • Space  
  • SPMO – guides the governance process from idea generation through vetting, project proposal, project approval and project execution. 

Advisory Committee Members

Steering Committee
Mike DeLorenzo, Chair Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Operations 
Paul RedmanOffice of the Provost
Robin Kaler 
Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing
Mairéad Martin Technology Services
Shari Mickey-Boggs  Illinois Human Resources 
Paul Redman, Chair Office of the Provost
Jason Butler Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Mike Devocelle The Grainger College of Engineering
Jamie Hackett Office of the Provost 
Catherine Ocen Graduate College
Paul RedmanOffice of the Provost
Suzanne Rinehart College of Applied Health Sciences 
Julie Shaffer Student Affairs
 Evan SimpsonOffice of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
 Nick Unser College of ACES 
Adam VanDuyneOffice of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement 
Jenny Watkins  Facilities & Services 
Mike Wellens  College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amy Edwards, Chair Office of the Provost
Travis Ashmore The Grainger College of Engineering
Xiaobei ChenOffice of the Provost
Andrew Hagler  Illinois Human Resources 
Meghan Hazen Office of the Registrar 
Beth Hoag  Student Affairs 
Christopher Lehmann Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation 
Kim Nystrom Enrollment Management 
Phil Reiter  Technology Services
Michelle RomeCollege of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
Collen Ruud Gies College of Business
Mary StevensTechnology Services 
Dimuthu Tilakaratne AITS 
Human Resources
Shari Mickey-Boggs, Chair Illinois Human Resources 
Laura BleakneySwanlund 
Joe Bohn  College of ACES 
Stephanie Haas College of Education 
Sonya HolleyStudent Affairs 
Sue Key Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Deb Stone  Illinois Human Resources 
Lori Willoughby The Grainger College of Engineering
Staci Wagers College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
TBDIllinois Human Resources 
James Quisenberry, Chair Student Affairs 
 Chris Barton AITS 
Kelly Bridgewater Technology Services 
Mike Brosco  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Jeff FoxCollege of Veterinary Medicine 
Troy Gagne Technology Services 
Jim Hurst The Grainger College of Engineering
Janet Jones Technology Services 
Amber MundsNCSA 
Tracy Tolliver Library 
Marketing & Communications
Robin Kaler, Chair Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing
Doug Burgett Enrollment Management 
Libby Kacich The Grainger College of Engineering 
Jenny Larson College of ACES 
Christy Moss  UIAA
Heather Murphy Library
Allison Vance Office of Strategic Communications & Marketing
Brad Henson, Chair Purchasing 
Greg Anderson  College of Fine and Applied Arts
Larry DunhamTechnology Services
Austin HillLegal 
Nichole Isaac College of ACES  
Justin Johnston Purchasing 
 Jim Martinie Payables
Jason McArthur Technology Services 
Nicole Neighbors Housing 
 Dawn Rawlings College of Veterinary Medicine 
Maria Thompson Facilities & Services 
Kris Williams Materials Research Lab 
Brian Bundren, Chair Office of the Provost
Derek Fultz College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Melanie LootsOffice of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Kristin McMurray Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Operations 
Brad Trankina Facilities & Services
Doug Wolters College of ACES