The Strategic Project Management Office (SPMO) oversees university-wide initiatives and developments that require project management leadership and coordination. The SPMO is a matrix team focused on strategic and tactical activities to support successful completion of university-wide strategic initiative projects by utilizing project management best practices and the quality delivery of business services through improvement projects, initiatives and practices.

The SPMO also oversees the Operational Excellence initiative, a university-wide effort to streamline and improve administrative processes at all levels. As the public-facing owner of the initiative, the SPMO provides project sponsorship while fostering collaboration and communication.

The SPMO strives to: 
  • Establish standard approaches to project management, templates, communication and support.  
  • Foster collaboration with stakeholders to ensure clear project goals and objectives.  
  • Provide full and accurate visibility of project status and success metrics.  
  • Deliver continuous improvements and efficiencies for the betterment of campus.   

Who We Are 

Rebecca McNaught
Rebecca McNaught
Executive Director for Project Management and Business Service Quality


Kristie Nock
Associate Director


Picture of Tommy Cottrell, Project Manager
Tommy Cottrell
Project Manager


Michelle Lewis portrait
Michelle Lewis
Senior Project Manager


Katy Thompson
Katy Thompson
Senior Project Manager


Andy Weaver portrait
Andy Weaver
Business Analyst


What We Do 

  • Guide the project process and facilitate communication​
  • Lead initial vetting of feasibility, capabilities and scalability​
  • Assist with project proposal development and submission
  • Manage university-wide strategic initiative projects  

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